Maria Giacalone-Mozo

Why work with a CRPC®

Chartered Retirement Planning CounselorSM designees can provide you with an understanding of complex pre- and post-retirement issues. From helping you maximize sources of retirement income to guiding you through investments, a CRPC® designee can effectively help identify and analyze what you should do today to pursue a secure tomorrow.
  • Education: The College for Financial Planning provides CRPC® students with a graduate-level curriculum that focuses exclusively on retirement planning. Study materials are written and updated regularly by the College’s full-time faculty who specialize in retirement planning and provide the most current information available
  • CRPC® Mark: To be entitled to use this mark, candidates must successfully complete the specialized program and pass a rigorous examination, sign a code of professional ethics, and complete a disclosure form attesting to their professional conduct
  • Continuing Education: All CRPC® designees must sign a commitment to ongoing continuing education credit to ensure that they stay current in the field
  • The College’s Standards of Professional Conduct: Establish minimum standards of acceptable professional conduct for persons authorized to use the College’s designation such as Integrity, Objectivity, Competency, Confidentiality, and Professionalism. Violations are subject to disciplinary procedures

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